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The Best Loki Storylines in Comics

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If you watched most of the earlier MCU films, you already know that Loki is an incredibly complex character who, at times, has been one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. That's not always the case though, as Loki has been a hero, anti-hero, villain, and everything else in-between. Calling Loki a complex character is putting it lightly, and his comic book counterpart is even more intricate and complicated than Tom Hiddleston's version on the big screen. Loki is also getting his own TV show in 2021 as part of Marvel's Phase 4.

Loki has been around the comics since the early 1960s, which is to say, he's been featured in a ton of comic books, great stories, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, story arcs, storylines, and one-shot books, but it can be hard to determine which is the best Loki story ever told. This list attempts the impossible by narrowing down the hundreds of Loki stories to the top 20.

Check out the list below, and see if any of your favorite of Loki's greatest adventures are featured. If you see something you like, vote it up to see which one rises to the top!


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