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The Best Episodes of 'Loki'

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Every episode of Loki on Disney+ is fun and weird, just like the titular anti-hero. The series is bringing procedural flair to the MCU, but which episodes really stand out? It's as difficult a decision as deciding your favorite Loki variant. To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Loki are, let's rank every Loki episode from best to worst.

Taking place after the events of the film Avengers: EndgameLoki is a superhero show, sure, yet it's also a time-bending action-adventure procedural - but then, nobody was tuning in expecting a trickster god to save the world. Loki premiered on Disney+ on June 9, 2021. Although it was intended as a limited series, a second season went into development.

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    The Nexus Event

    Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylvie.

    • Original Airing: June 30, 2021
    • Season: 1
    • Episode Number: 4
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    The Variant

    Mobius puts Loki to work hunting variants, but not everyone at TVA is thrilled about the God of Mischief's presence.

    • Original Airing: June 16, 2021
    • Season: 1
    • Episode Number: 2
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    Journey Into Mystery

    Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself. Sylvie also tries to rescue Loki from The Void, and escape from under the watchful eye of Alioth.

    • Original Airing: July 7, 2021
    • Season: 1
    • Episode Number: 5
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    For All Time. Always.

    The clock is ticking in the season finale which finds Loki and Sylvie on a date with multiple destinies in the Citadel at the End of Time.

    • Original Airing: July 14, 2021
    • Season: 1
    • Episode Number: 6
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