The Best London Movies

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Movies about or set in London, England

From Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Piccadilly Circus to William Shakespeare, the Beatles, and Queen Elizabeth – London is full of culture. It's also the capital of and most populous city in the United Kingdom and is an enormous tourist attraction. Films set in London are popular and this list will help you find the best one to watch when you're in a British mood.

Since London is such a large city and is home to some of the most influential, iconic landmarks within Europe it only makes sense that movies like Alfie, Bend it Like Beckham, Closer, and An Education all feature this famous global city. There are also several action movies set in London like Sherlock Holmes, Attack the Block, and V for Vendetta.

This list has the best movies about Paris including: Harry Potter, Oliver!, An American Werewolf in London, Mary Poppins, and A Clockwork Orange.

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