The Best TV Shows Set In London

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London is calling and it says that it is a marvelous setting for a television series. Whether it's a British show or an American one, the history and distinctive settings that fill London, England, makes it a favorite (or favourite) location for telling UK stories. If you've ever thought of visiting London or are curious about how The City is portrayed on-screen, this list of the best shows set in London can be your tour guide.

From classic British detective series like The ABC Murders to modern police procedurals such as Manhunt - and even modern takes on classic tales such as Sherlock - shows set in London love a good mystery. If you like things a little strange, London has that on hand, and the city's particular quirks are the backbone of fantasy shows like Neverwhere. But it's not all serious, with sitcoms such as Absolutely Fabulous and Black Books, there's plenty to laugh at.

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