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The 14 Greatest Long Anime Fights of All Time, Ranked

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Anime is known for exceptionally long battles. While these lengthy fights can be challenging to get through, the best long anime fights keep the viewer's interest piqued the whole time. 

We're defining a 'long fight' as anything exceeding two episodes of material. That's because while shows like DBZ and One Piece inflate the numbers, while most anime fights don't even last a full episode. With that in mind, some fights listed here are much, much longer than others - there isn't much that matches up to showdowns like Frieza vs. Goku or Luffy vs. Katakuri! But though they aren't as gargantuan as those, fights like Netero vs. Meruem still make a major impact.

Vote up the anime fights that you think are better for their length, or still great despite it. 

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    Naruto vs. Pain - Naruto

    After Pain devastates Konoha and annihilates countless shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki ultimately persuades him to restore the lives he took. But Naruto doesn't get the job done through Talk no Jutsu alone - he has to actually fight the Akatsuki leader first. With amazing moments like Naruto nearly losing control over his Kyuubi transformation before getting help from his father's spirit, and Hinata stepping in to defend her future husband, this is a fight that Naruto fans won't soon forget.

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    Itachi vs. Sasuke - Naruto

    From the moment Sasuke is introduced, he'd been working towards this fight. But what was meant to be an epic display of well-earned vengeance turned out to be something totally different. After a dramatic battle in which both brothers fully exhaust themselves, it becomes clear that Itachi isn't who Sasuke thought he was - whoever he is, he still genuinely loves Sasuke to the very last moment.

    It's only after Itachi passes away that Sasuke learns the full story behind their clan's annihilation. But that story has maximum impact because of the multi-episdoe fight that came before.

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    Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra - Bleach

    The showdown between Ichigo and Ulquiorra feels longer than it actually is because it's interrupted by filler. That said, it's still about eight episodes worth of content. What begins as a normal sword fight turns intense when Ulquiorra reveals his Murcielago form. It looks like Ichigo won't be able to overcome his raw power, but that changes once he's able to activate his new Hollow form. 

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    Luffy vs. Katakuri - One Piece

    This long fight is worth getting current on One Piece for. Rather than an evil villain who must be destroyed at all costs, Luffy finds in Katakuri an opponent who encourages him to reach new heights of strength - and he does the same for Katakuri. Their mutual respect for one another combined with new Haki-based moves and Fourth Gear transformations keeps the fight interesting no matter how long it gets. 

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