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21 Extremely Long Board Games To Help Pass The Time While You’re Stuck Inside

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The coronavirus has us all feeling a little on edge, but if you’re looking for a few fun ways to pass the time with your roommates, siblings, parents, and/or anyone else you're quarantined with, these epic long board games are sure to make those hours fly by. Some of the longest board games can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months to complete (seriously), and if you actually play by the rules, some can take even longer.

For the most part, board games are supposed to be relatively quick and something you can play with your family and friends. Of course, while some games are easy to just pick up and play, others take lots of skill to master. And then there are cases like Risk, Axis & Allies, and all those other strategic games, where luck is only part of the equation. 

There are hundreds of games that could have gone on this list, but the games featured here are the ones that take at least a few hours to complete, are popular among the tabletop gaming community, and should able available either on Amazon or eBay, though some may be harder to find than others. 

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    Number of Players: 2-6

    Average Game Length: 1-8 hours (unless your allies turn against you)

    Recommended Ages: 10+

    One of the most epic (and time-consuming) board games of all time, Risk is a game of strategy where players must forge various alliances—and ultimately break them—in order to conquer the world.

    While it only takes a few minutes to set up, games can last for hours (or more), leaving some players stranded while other lay claim to the various continents. The learning curve isn't very high, bit it definitely takes a level of strategy in order to master the board.

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    Number of Players: 2-8

    Average Game Length: 1-3 hours (if you don't cheat)

    Recommended Ages: 8+

    Monopoly is pretty notorious for being a long game, and while many families can sit through a playthrough in under two hours, there are plenty of examples online of people playing for days. The longest game of Monopoly took 1,680 hours to complete, which equates to 70 days!

    Hasbro has decided to cash in on this phenomenon with the release of Monopoly: Longest Game Ever, which features a doubled board, 66 properties (with three versions of each), and only one die, so no doubles, and no moving up to 12 places. Some may call it fan-service; others may simply call it mean!

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      Number of Players: 2-5

      Average Game Length: 2-3 hours

      Recommended Ages: 12+

      Axis & Allies is a World War II strategy game that pits the Axis powers against the Allies from a starting point of 1942. Players manage their units, purchase more, and research new technologies as they fight for territory across the globe. The game can take a long time to complete, as most players will require several minutes to complete a single round.

      The average playtime for the game is listed at 180 minutes (roughly three hours), but many players who get involved in the minutia of gameplay can drag it out for much longer. Some groups can take days to play a single game, while others can sit through a playthrough that takes weeks, or longer.

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      Number of Players: 2-4

      Average Game Length: 2-5 hours

      Recommended Ages: 12+

      Based on the extremely popular video game series, Civilization takes most of its inspiration from Civ IV, and as such features six different civilizations to choose from, with each civ possessing its own unique set of abilities and skills. 

      If you want to take it up a notch, Fantasy Flight Games also released an expansion pack, Advanced Civilization, which provides new options and features that all help the game more complex. The average game length is between 360 and 480 minutes, but there have been players who spend an average of 10 to 14 hours on a single game.

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