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Who's the Best Driver in Golf History?

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When it comes to golf, driving is always the first step. While having a good short game and sinking putts can typically make or break your handicap, it's the long game that gets the ball where it needs to go first: toward the green. In other words, a golfer's short game and putting skills rely heavily on that first drive. So whether you're talking those with the longest drives, complete accuracy, or consistency, the best drivers in golf are easily some of the best golfers of all time. Of all the professional golfers out there, however, who are the best long game golfers?

In general, a good long game is always essential to success in golf, but when teeing up on a par 5 it becomes all the more important. It's not just the longest drive golfer's are after, either; those distant drives need to be precise as well. Considering this, some of the best drivers in golf history include the likes of Dustin Johnson, all-time great Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan—just to name a few. Sure, these guys are great short game golfers too, but it's their driving skills that make them the best of the best. Who's your pick for the golfers with the best long game?

Take a look at the list of pros below and vote up the guys you think are the best long game golfers of all time. If you see someone is missing from the list, feel free to add them. While you're at it, cast your votes for the most clutch golfers in history.