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Long Lasting Lip Stains That Will Survive Your Makeout Session

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Time for some realness: as much as you might love your matte liquid lipstick, sometimes the look is just a little too much. That’s where long lasting lip stains come in. They deposit all of the color with none of the (sometimes crumbly) matte finish, and leave your lips looking naturally rosy.

Of course, there’s another reason you might want to choose a lip stain over a matte liquid lipstick. At the end of a night out, even though you know your matte lipstick is staying put through that goodnight kiss, your date could get intimidated thinking they’re about to get a face full of smeared color. The best lip stains will give you the tint you want while giving you the confidence to go in for the kiss yourself!

Ready to stock up on makeout-proof lip stains? This list covers all the must-have lip stains to last you all night long.

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