The Best Longboard Skateboard Brands

For the sports enthusiast there’s no other sport in the industry that can make you feel like you can literally fly quite like a longboard can. It’s so popular in fact that many United States cities invest in building skate parks so kids can skateboard in a safe place after school. A longboard is basically a larger sized skateboard that has more stability due to the wheels being placed lower. There are many different sporting activities associated with longboarding, from simply enjoying the afternoon at the skate park for a recreational unwind to participating in the sport in a professional setting, such as famous skater Tony Hawk. If you’ve ever asked the question, “What are the best longboard brands available?” before then you have definitely come to the right place! There are many top of the line brands available that specialize in the longboard industry, mastering products like trucks, wheels, components and even related apparel.This list discusses the most popular brands of longboards, including: Quicksilver, Airwalk, Alien Workshop, Never Summer, NHS, Habitat, Riviera, DB, Gravity, Tesseract, Powell, Globe, Made in Mars and many more! If you’ve ever tried one of these brands yourself please share your opinions with the rest of the world and vote for your favorite one today!
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  • G Bomb LDP Longboards
    13 votes

    G Bomb LDP Longboards

  • Bossa LDP Longboards
    13 votes

    Bossa LDP Longboards

  • Antidote LDP longboards
    7 votes

    Antidote LDP longboards

  • Lush
    7 votes


  • Icone
    7 votes


  • Victorwood
    7 votes