The Best-Looking Car Brands

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Taste is a subjective thing, but elements of style aren't. It is almost universally accepted that proportion, symmetry, shape, and other principles of design need to work in harmony to produce beautifully crafted works of art. Car and automobile design is no exception. This list includes some of the consistently best-looking car brands. 

The list follows a few basic rules. First, no single-model brands. Anyone can make a one-hit wonder if it's the only thing they have to work on. That means no Bugatti, Noble, or any number of other gorgeous single-model brands. Second, cars only, which means no preference or prejudice toward trucks, SUVs, crossovers, trains, or planes. And finally, the list is limited to current manufacturers and models. 

You'll probably notice that this list of the best-designed car brands skews heavily toward exotica and brands with only two or three models. That's the nature of the beast; generic shapes designed for mass consumption usually aren't notably pretty. At least, not compared with the well-designed car brands on this list.