This Cosplayer Shows You The Real Life Versions Of Your Favorite Characters

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Dressing up as your favorite video game and anime characters is a little challenging, but Jannet Rudakova, aka Jannet Incosplay, knows a thing or two about cosplaying animated characters. Jannet Incosplay is obviously familiar with both the gaming and anime worlds. Featuring some of your favorite animated characters, Jannet Incosplay's work includes all sorts of femme fatales and even a few cutesy characters.

Her Overwatch cosplay exudes confidence and power, while her Oh My Goddess! cosplay shows off a softer side. Jannet Incosplay's anime looks also incorporate both familiar and unfamiliar characters, providing fans with a bit of the usual and a bit of the obscure. Most importantly, her creations bring each character out of 2D into the 3D world. Not all cosplayers can achieve this feat with such aplomb.