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The 25 Scariest 'Lore' Episodes That Will Keep You Up At Night

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Aaron Mahnke's podcast Lore is a gold mine of bizarre history and fascinating folklore. The best Lore podcast episodes focus on a unique facet of human nature, woven in with haunting non-fiction stories that make you feel like you're gathered around a campfire. 

Some of the best episodes of Lore podcast are scary, others are more designed to make you think. Each is recorded as a standalone piece, so you can jump around in the timeline and pick the subjects that interest you most. But with 127 episodes to pick from, which episodes of Lore are worth your time? On this list of Lore podcast best episodes, we've hand-selected a batch of favorites for newcomers and Lore veterans alike. 

The best episodes are the ones that draw you in from the very beginning, like the Lore H H Holmes episode. The Lore podcast episode “The Castle” is one you have to listen to, to believe.  Whether it's a story about a real-life werewolf, like in Lore “The Beast Within,” a family of serial killers, or a haunted shipwreck, every episode on this list epitomizes the mystery and intrigue we love about Lore. Lore Black Stockings, Rope and Railing, and the Lore Seattle episode are some fan favorites. Not only are they surprisingly educational, but they're bound to give you a shiver — especially if you're listening late at night. 

Keep reading to find out the best episodes of Lore podcast. Vote up the ones you would recommend to a friend, or simply the ones you love most! 

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    Episode 23 - "Rope & Railing"

    If you have a natural curiosity for seafaring life, this is the episode of Lore for you. It delves into the story of Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith, two men working alone at the Smalls Lighthouse off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    After Griffith died in a freak accident, Howell had to dispose of the body in a way that didn't make it look like he had murdered his partner. Throughout it all, Howell made sure his lamp never stopped shining. 

    Fans of Robert Eggers' 2019 black-and-white psychological horror film The Lighthouse should take note — the movie was inspired in part by this very incident. 

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      Episode 4 - "Dinner At The Afterglow"

      This is one of the most-downloaded episodes of Lore, and it details the strange mausoleum built by mineral magnate John S. McMillin. Rather than a typical mausoleum, Afterglow Vista, is an outdoor rotunda with large columns, and a limestone table in the center.

      There are large, stone chairs around the table, which is meant to symbolize the McMillin family table. What makes it particularly spooky is that the family’s actual ashes are in the chairs, kind of making them both grave and grave marker. This episode shares the religious and masonic detailing and symbolism McMillion put into the mausoleum, as well as ghost stories from those who have visited the vista on San Juan Island.

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      Episode 25 - "The Cave"

      You might not know much about the Brujo de Chiloé, a mafia-like cult of warlocks off the coast of Chile, but you will after you listen to this episode of Lore. Warlocks are essentially male witches, and turns out they can wield some nasty powers. Good luck sleeping after hearing about the curses inflicted by the Brujo de Chiloé.

      This episode carries a potent mix of curses, spells, and folklore to chill you to the bone. The witchcraft of the Chiloé Archipelago is fascinating and disturbing all at once. 

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        Episode 11 - "Black Stockings"

        This haunting episode brings to light the folklore of fairy changelings. In Irish mythology, it was believed that fairies would steal human children by replacing them with one of their own, a human-like creature known as a changeling. Changelings were considered a curse for the afflicted families, so several precautions were taken to prevent such abductions. 

        In certain cases, fairy exorcisms were performed upon members of society who showed suspicious traits of being a changeling. Such was the case with Bridget Cleary, who was burned alive by her own husband in an attempt to rid her of the fairy. 

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