The Best Los Angeles Angels Managers of All Time

The Los Angeles Angels have seen plenty of managers come and go, but it's time to figure out who is the best Los Angeles Angels manager of all time.  This list ranks every Los Angeles Angels manager from best to worst, based on the votes of baseball fans just like you. As you vote for your top Los Angeles Angels coaches, keep statistics in mind like World Series wins, postseason record, and regular season record.

Current manager Mike Scioscia lead the franchise to their first ever World Series title in 2002. Scioscia has also managed the Angels to six playoff berths. Gene Mauch has won the second most postseason games of any Angeles manager. Mauch trails Scioscia in that category by a whopping 21 wins to 5.

Who is the greatest Los Angeles Angels skipper of all time? Vote up the winningest Los Angeles Angels managers, or just any Halos coaches you really like for whatever reason. Maybe they're even on the list of the greatest Major League Baseball managers of all time.
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