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The Best Comedy Movies Set in Los Angeles

Updated 21 Oct 2019 334 votes 15 voters35 items

List RulesThe comedy movie must be primarily set in Los Angeles.

The best comedic movies about Los Angeles are almost guaranteed to get you laughing. The city has lots of comedy fodder, thanks to the wackiness of Hollywood, the colorful nature of its citizens, and the unapologetically laid-back lifestyle. Comedy films based in Los Angeles have been around forever, indicating that there's plenty of material to draw from. Some have risen to the status of all-time classics. The funniest L.A. movies take place all over the city, showing every area from Beverly Hills to South Central.

Here's your chance to vote for the best comedies set in Los Angeles. Vote up the funny Los Angeles comedies that make you laugh the hardest. If you don't see your favorite L.A. based comedy on here, add it to the list and let other comedy buffs weigh in on it. 

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