The Best TV Shows Set In L.A.

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Los Angeles, California is not only where most television series are filmed, but it also tends to be where they're set as well. It's not just that it's easy to set shows Los Angeles, but the mix of people, industries, and just plain drama in L.A. makes it a great setting for shows. If you're from Los Angeles and are missing home or are curious about how your hometown is portrayed on-screen, this list of the best shows set in L.A. can be your tour guide.

Sitcoms and soaps are often set in Los Angeles. Classics like Family Matters and Saved by the Bell set up the L.A. sitcom while shows like Modern Family continue the tradition. Crime dramas also love the City of Angels, with procedural shows such as Dragnet and Law & Order: LA to detective series such as Moonlighting and Columbo. But shows set in Los Angeles know how to get weird too, with alien shows such as ALF and Alien Nation offering up both sitcoms and procedural dramas with a twist or Fear the Walking Dead bringing the horror to the West Coast.

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