The Best Country Singers From Louisiana

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Only country singers born or raised in Louisiana.

Here are the best country artists from Louisiana. When most people think of music out of Louisiana, their first thoughts turn to jazz. While New Orleans was certainly influential in the development of America's music, the state has also played an important role in other genres. For example, country music has really flourished in the Bayou State. Many popular country singers from Louisiana have gone on to dominate the charts, and you may be surprised to learn who was born or raised in this great state. 

Tim McGraw is one of the best-selling country artists of all time. However, before he became a megastar, he was born in Delhi before moving and growing up in Start, LA. Jerry Lee Lewis made a name for himself in rock and roll, but later in his career, he dabbled in country music. Trace Adkins is another Louisiana native who hails from the northern part of the state. These singers are only the beginning of everything Louisiana has given the world of music.  

On this list of the most famous Louisiana country singers, you will find artists from every era of the 20th and 21st centuries. Once you see all of the amazing acts that got their start here, it may just entice you to take a trip down to the bayous. 

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