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All The Love Interests In Anne Hathaway Movies, Ranked

We’re ranking all of Anne Hathaway’s movie love interests so far. Over the years, Anne’s had the unique opportunity to play opposite some of Hollywood's hottest leading men. While a few of you may remember some of her younger love interests like Nicholas Devereaux (who was played by Chris Pine in The Princess Diaries 2), you may find that you don't quite remember every guy she's gotten to cuddle up with on the job.

From getting comfy with Charlie Hunnam in Nicholas Nickleby to spending some on-screen time with James McAvoy in Becoming Jane, Anne Hathway’s also acted alongside leading Hollywood hunks like Adrian Grenier in The Devil Wears Prada and Jake Gyllenhaal in Love & Other Drugs. Which love interest is your favorite?

Vote up your favorite on-screen love interest from Anne Hathaway’s filmography and watch your choices move to the top of the list.

  • Photo: Buena Vista Pictures
    • Appears In: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
    • Played By: Chris Pine
    Is he the right man for Anne?
  • 2

    Prince "Char" Charmont

    Photo: Miramax Films / Imdb
    • Appears In: Ella Enchanted
    • Played By: Hugh Dancy
    Is he the right man for Anne?
  • 3

    Tom Lefroy

    • Appears In: Becoming Jane
    • Played By: James McAvoy
    Is he the right man for Anne?
  • 4

    Dexter Mayhew

    Photo: Focus Features / Imdb
    • Appears In: One Day
    • Played By: Jim Sturgess
    Is he the right man for Anne?