All the Love Interests in Adam Sandler Movies, Ranked

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The best love interests in Adam Sandler movies, ranked according to their appeal. Many of the girls in Adam Sandler's movies - and all in the early ones he wrote himself - have alliterative VV names. Did you even notice that? But even the non-VV ladies who didn't come out of his own imagination have the same thing in common: all the girls love Adam Sandler. Vote up your favorites. Or add any that you think I missed (though I probably intentionally excluded them; they're not so much from "Adam Sandler movies," but more like "Paul Thomas Anderson movies" or just "movies Adam Sandler is in"). 

The girls in Adam Sandler movies are generally pretty sweet characters, though they range from saucy (like Veronica Vaughn, that piece of ace in "Billy Madison") to a lil bit deranged (like Vicki Vallencourt). Many must be convinced that they like Sandler's childish or goofy characters, though others like him from the get-go and need only make the leap from friendship to "it's complicated." Who's that girl from Adam Sandler movie? find out here!

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    Katherine Murphy

    Katherine Murphy
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    As the stunning yet down-to-earth plastic surgeon's assistant, she masterfully keeps up the charade as the protagonist's soon-to-be-ex-wife in order to save face with his dream girl. Despite initially feeling resentment towards the deception, her genuine warmth and supportive attitude ultimately win over both our protagonist and the audience. Striking a fine balance between elegance and humor, she becomes one of Sandler's most memorable love interests.

    • Film: Just Go With It
    • Actor: Jennifer Aniston
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    Donna Newman
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    Equal parts dorky and adorable, this love interest is the perfect match for the immature and childlike hero. Her sweet and endearing nature is highlighted by her unconventional profession as a penguin trainer, adding an endearing quirk to her character. By not conforming to the typical romantic lead stereotype, she finds her way into our hearts while proving that love knows no bounds.

    • Film: Click
    • Actor: Kate Beckinsale
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    Audrey Spitz

    Audrey Spitz
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    As an enthusiastic mystery novel enthusiast, her playful personality is a welcome contrast to Sandler's somewhat grumpy persona. Her willingness to embrace the excitement and adventure of solving a murder mystery onboard a cruise ship truly makes their whirlwind romance a thrilling experience. This captivating character effortlessly captures our hearts with her infectious spirit and quick wit.

    • Film: Murder Mystery
    • Actor: Jennifer Aniston
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  • Roxanne Chase-Feder
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    This childhood sweetheart, who reconnects with Sandler's character at a high school reunion, embodies the concept of "the one that got away." As a beautiful and successful career woman, she not only challenges but also inspires her old flame to become a better man. She manages to stay humble and grounded, showcasing an unwavering loyalty through every high and low.

    • Film: Grown Ups
    • Actor: Salma Hayek
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    Classically beautiful and undeniably intelligent, this love interest's role as a teacher makes her a refreshing deviation from the typical ditzy love interest trope. With a fiery, independent spirit, she doesn't hesitate to call out her suitor when he's acting foolishly, making their relationship feel more genuine and mature. Fiercely devoted to her students, she personifies everything we love about a strong, determined woman.

    • Film: Billy Madison
    • Actor: Bridgette Wilson
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    Alex McDonough
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    As a spontaneous and strong-willed public relations executive, her character's chemistry with Sandler is absolutely electrifying. She challenges the protagonist's assumptions about femininity and demonstrates the importance of always speaking your mind. The undeniable spark between them only grows stronger as they hilariously navigate their way through their whirlwind relationship.

    • Film: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
    • Actor: Jessica Biel
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