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All The Love Interests In Julia Roberts Movies, Ranked

The best love interests in Julia Roberts movies, ranked best to worst. Sure, thinking about all of Julia's on-screen love interests is probably enough to make yourself even more jealous of her than you probably already are. Make no mistake, every Julia Roberts love interest tends to a be an insanely hot actor who any red-blooded woman would happily lock lips with. Here you'll find a list of some of the steamiest hunks in Hollywood and get a chance to vote on the best Julia Roberts movie love interests of all time.

Whether you're a big fan of the awesome chemistry she and Richard Gere shared in multiple movies like Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, or thought that she and Brad Pitt made a super cute couple in The Mexican, you'll have the choice to vote for your favorite Julia co-star of all time.

So let the games begin by upvoting your favorite on-screen love interest.

  • 1

    Edward Lewis

    Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

    Film: Pretty Woman

    Played By: Richard Gere

      Did he make you swoon?
    • 2

      William Thacker

      Film: Notting Hill

      Play By: Hugh Grant

        Did he make you swoon?
      • 3

        Michael O'Neal

        Photo: TriStar Pictures

        Film: My Best Friend's Wedding

        Played By: Dermot Mulroney

          Did he make you swoon?
        • Photo: Warner Bros.

          Film: Ocean's Movies

          Played By: George Clooney

            Did he make you swoon?