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All The Love Interests In Kate Hudson Movies, Ranked

When it comes to Kate Hudson, her characters seem to have all the luck. She's enjoyed fictional relationships with studs like Matthew McConaughey and Matt Dillon and shared on-screen smooches with a variety of A-list actors (and even the occasional actress). That's why we’re ranking every love interest in Kate Hudson movies. Which actor or actress is your favorite?

Think she and McConaughey made a great pair in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Perhaps you prefer someone more worldly and exotic like her co-star Romain Duris in 2003’s Le Divorce? Luke Wilson surely melted a few hearts in Alex & Emma. Whichever actor your prefer, make sure you give them an upvote so they can move up the ranks. With the help of jealous women everywhere, one character shall emerge victorious and earn the title of Kate Hudson's best on-screen love interest.

  • 1

    Benjamin Barry

    Photo: Paramount Pictures

    Film: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    Played By: Matthew McConaughey

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  • 2

    Ben 'Finn' Finnegan

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

    Film: Fool's Gold

    Played By: Matthew McConaughey

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  • 3

    Dan Williams

    Photo: 20th Century Fox

    Film: Bride Wars

    Played By: Steve Howey

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  • 4

    Alex Sheldon

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

    Film: Alex & Emma

    Played By: Luke Wilson

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