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All The Love Interests In Ryan Reynolds Movies, Ranked

Ranking all of Ryan Reynolds’ movie love interests, from the very earliest days of his career to today. Long before Ryan was starring in action movies like Deadpool, he was acting alongside none other than Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He even had a leading role in the ‘90s sitcom Two Guys and a Girl.

While Ryan tends to play hilarious, often offbeat characters, he's no stranger when it comes to romantic comedies. In fact, he's acted alongside some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies, including Olivia Wilde in The Change-Up, Amy Smart in Just Friends, Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, and Sienna Miller from Mississippi Grind

Though not every Ryan Reynolds love interest you'll see here is super recent, you're sure to recognize at least a few characters. Which of Ryan’s movie girlfriends and wives is your favorite? Vote up Ryan’s best on-screen love interests below.