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The 20 Most Memorable Anime Love Triangles

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The romance between two characters can be complicated enough, but when you add a third person to the mix, things get infinitely more difficult - and for some fans, more interesting. Love triangles usually involve two characters who are both in love with the same person. They might get competitive with each other, or one person might step gracefully to the side, but either way, there's definitely going to be some hurt feelings. 

One popular example is the love triangle between Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki from Fruits Basket, in which both boys slowly come to terms with their feelings for their new friend. If you're looking for something significantly less wholesome, there's Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha from School Days, in which two very dangerous girls are pushed to their limits by a philandering jerk.

Whether you're looking for something adorable or something disturbing, there's probably an anime love triangle on this list that will spark your interest. Which ones are your OT3(s)?

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    Menma, Jinta, & Anjou - 'The Flower We Saw That Day'

    As children, Jinta, Menma, and Anjou were part of a close-knit group of friends, but Menma's untimely passing blasted all of them in different directions. The pain of losing someone close to them made it impossible for them to act on their feelings - Jinta's love for Menma is obviously impossible, but Anjou's love for Jinta is stunted too because they're all too busy mourning to move forward. This isn't one of the saddest anime in history for nothing. 

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    Zero, Yuuki, & Kaname - 'Vampire Knight'

    Yuki Kuran has two potential love interests - Zero and Kaname. She has an extensive, complex history with each one, and actually ends up having a daughter with each of them. Kaname is her brother, the person who rescued her from a Level E vampire, and the person who holds the key to her mysterious past. Meanwhile, Zero is a vampire hunter (and vampire himself) who Yuki bonded with in their early teens.

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    Taichi, Chihaya, & Arata - 'Chihayafuru'

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    Taichi is pining after Chihaya, his excitable childhood friend. He might have been able to eventually make his feelings known or even have them reciprocated, but then Chihaya meets Arata, who introduces her to the world of karuta - a poetry-based competitive card game. Chihaya's feelings for Arata are mixed up with her feelings about karuta, but either way, things have gotten messy. 

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    Emilia, Rem, & Subaru - 'Re:ZERO'

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    When Subaru meets Emilia, a half-elf who might be the next ruler of her nation, he falls in love with her at first sight. She doesn't reciprocate his feelings until the series is nearly over, but in the meantime, he's beginning to bond with Rem, Emilia's maid. Not only is Rem there for Subaru when he's experiencing the worst moments of his life, she also makes it clear how much she loves him. Subaru has a lot of trouble deciding between the two of them.

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