The Best Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs of All Time

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List of the top Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, as voted on by fans like you. In the 1970s Lynyrd Skynyrd broke southern rock into the mainstream in a big way. With their triple guitar attack and the wry storytelling skills of songwriter and lead singer Ronnie Van Zandt they painted a colorful and complicated picture of the south that resonates to this day. Then it all ended too soon in '77 with a plane crash that elevated them to rock n roll myth ever since. But look past the southern bravado and mythical status and you still have an amazing catalogue of songs. Included here are classic rock radio stalwarts such as "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Freebird" as well as harcore fan favorites like "Poison Whiskey" and "I'm the One."

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