The Best Kinds of M&Ms

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A list of the best M&M varieties. Are you an M&M enthusiast? Wishing for a new, favorite type of M&M to enjoy? Browse through our list of all the different M&M flavors to find that special type of M&M's that will become a permanent favorite candy for your family. Since this list is ranked in order of the most popular variety to the least popular, it will be easy to find new M&M types by seeing which ones are considered the best by other M&M enthusiasts. You can add a new variety of M&M to the list as well, or vote for your favorite M&M candies and see them get ranked higher on the list.

The much-loved commercials portray the M&M's as loveable little characters. That is because everyone loves the mouthwatering chocolaty goodness of M&Ms. Now, you no longer have to settle for the plain chocolate M&M's, although they are still much enjoyed by all. There are new and different M&M varieties available to enjoy now, including the crunchy peanut M&Ms, making these candies a special treat that the entire family can enjoy.

So go ahead and glance at this list of popular M&M varieties, see which ones you haven’t tried yet, and go buy yourself a bag of delicious new M&Ms for a new favorite M&M snack.
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