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The Best 'Ma' Quotes

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Now is the time for you to vote for the best Ma movie quotes. This new Blumhouse thriller has plenty of funny lines, but also some very creepy bits of dialogue from its title character. Combined, they give the movie a particularly wicked edge.

Diana Silvers plays Maggie, a teenage girl looking to score some booze with her friends. Outside a store, she approaches Sue Ann Ellington, played by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. Sue Ann, soon to be dubbed "Ma" by the group, not only buys them beer, but she also allows them to come party in her basement whenever they want. That sounds like adolescent heaven until Maggie and the gang start to realize that Ma might not be as benevolent as she seems. In fact, there may be a sinister ulterior motive to her actions.

Ma was directed by Tate Taylor, whose previous credits include The Help, Get on Up, and The Girl on the Train. Scotty Landes, best known for his work on the sitcom Workaholics, wrote the original screenplay, which is packed with memorable quotes and one-liners. Reviews for the film have been generally positive. It enjoys a "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

What are your favorite quotes from Ma? Vote up the ones you like best from the list below. 

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    Rock Stars?

    Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington: You guy wanna party like rock stars? 

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    Five O'Clock Somewhere

    Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington: I was just thinking, why wait for the weekend? It's five o'clock somewhere!

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    Beer Pong

    Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington: I got us a beer pong table, and a keg of Bud Light is on ice if y'all are all down to clown. 

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    Nobody Go Upstairs

    Sue Ann "Ma" Ellington:   You're free to do whatever you want down here, but nobody go upstairs. 

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