The Best Things To Eat At Macaroni Grill

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Thinking about heading to Macaroni Grill but aren’t sure what to order? You don’t want to be the last one in your group to decide on what to eat—especially if everyone’s hungry. We’ve listed every Romano's Macaroni Grill menu item, the calorie count, and we’ve even included photos of each option. This ranked list also includes salads, soups, sides, and more. Yum!

Macaroni Grill is known for its wide range of culinary feasts, from the San Marino Chicken to the mouth-watering Chianti Steak and more. New menu items include Stuffed Mushrooms, Pasta Milano, and the Sausage Rigatoni. With so many different menu items to choose from, it's nice to take a peek ahead of time. 

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  • Penne Rustica
    82 votes

    Penne Rustica

    1,060 cal.

  • Loaded Fries
    22 votes

    Loaded Fries

    1,020 cal.

  • Mac & Cheese Bites, Truffle Dip
    47 votes

    Mac & Cheese Bites, Truffle Dip

    920 cal.

  • Lasagna Bolognese
    25 votes

    Lasagna Bolognese

    1,110 cal.

  • Calamari Fritti
    31 votes

    Calamari Fritti

    760 cal.

  • Chicken Parmesan
    30 votes

    Chicken Parmesan

    1,610 cal.