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The 15 Greatest Mad Scientist Characters in Anime

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Among all the best shounen anime and the best sci-fi anime, there are various memorable mad scientists. These anime scientists have devoted most of their life to research, whether it’s medicine and technology, or more obscure fields like time travel and immortality. They are usually dressed in a white lab coat and glasses 24/7, or something equally conspicuous that still makes them stick out like a sore thumb.

The worst of the bunch have zero qualms about using anything or anyone in their scientific quest, even their own family and friends. Human life to many of these mad scientists exists as nothing more than a scientific endeavor, something to dissect, fully believing the end justifies the means. However, not all of them have evil intentions. Mad scientist characters are fun to watch as they dance between sanity and craziness, pushing the boundaries of morals and ethics. Check out the top mad scientists in anime and vote up the best ones.