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The Best Made In Abyss Characters

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It helps to have a list of Made in Abyss characters to learn everyone's names, but we're taking it a step further by ranking them from best to worst. Here's our list of the best Made in Abyss characters, with the rankings determined directly by your votes. The characters that creator Akihito Tsukushi brought to life are all incredible, but let's find out who the most popular character from Made in Abyss really is.

The protagonist Riko is sympathetic given how young and lonely she is. Her mother Lyza the Annihilator is a former Cave Raider who hasn't been seen in over ten years. Lyza gave birth to Riko in the Abyss, which is why Riko is cursed with poor eyesight. Other fan favorite characters from Made in Abyss are Reg, an extremely lifelike robot who takes the form of a boy, and Nanachi, a rabbit-like Hollow whose gender is ambiguous.

Of all the Made in Abyss characters, who would you say is the very greatest? Vote up your favorite characters below! We've also included each Made in Abyss voice actor when available, so you can know who is behind the characters you love. 

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