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The Best Mafia Manga

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List RulesAny manga about the mafia, mobsters, or organized crime.

The Godfather and The Sopranos aren't the only way to get your mafia fix - you can get it in mafia manga, too. This list can help you find new mafia about the manga to appease your desire for Italian mobs. 

Some manga about the mafia combine the concept with fun supernatural elements. Bungou Stray Dogs follows a group of investigators seeking to take down the Port Mafia. The fun part? They all have superpowers inspired by famous authors or works of literature. If you want a grittier take on the mafia genre, try Banana Fish, a manga from the 80's that follows Ash Lynx as he seeks to uncover the mysteries behind the titular substance, and seek revenge against the people who wronged him - all while growing closer and closer to Eiji, a photographer from Japan. 

Let the world know which manga featuring the mafia is your favorite by voting it up on the list below.

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List Rules: Any manga about the mafia, mobsters, or organized crime.