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Every Single Maggie Rogers Song, Ranked

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Every single original Maggie Rogers song, ranked by her fans and music lovers of all kinds. Maggie Rogers became a viral sensation after performing her song, "Alaska," for Pharrell during a class at New York University. Rogers released the EP Now That the Light Is Fading in 2017 and performed on Saturday Night Live in late 2018, as part of the lead up to her 2019 album, Heard It in a Past Life. Among the best Maggie Rogers songs - which blend folk and dance music - are tracks like "Burning," "Fallingwater," and the single "Light On." Some describe Maggie Rogers, "nature girl," and there are certainly nature themes in her lyrics, as well as the sound of her music. Sometimes you even think there is an owl in the room, in the very best way.

If you love this new artist, vote up the greatest Maggie Rogers music below, from her newest singles to her earliest work, including The Echo and Blood Ballet.

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    Back in My Body

    Video: YouTube

    Lost you in the morning, don't live anywhere
    I found myself when I was going everywhere
    This time, I know I'm fighting

    • Albums: Heard It in a Past Life
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    Video: YouTube

    And you said
    "Let me help you wake you up
    Let me help you break you up
    Let me help you open up"
    I'm in love, I'm alive
    Oh, I'm burning

    • Albums: Heard It in a Past Life
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    Video: YouTube

    'Cause people change overnight
    Things get strange, I'm alright
    I'm still here, I'm still high
    And I'll still meet you in the middle of the night
    But if you lie to me, lie to me
    Lie to me
    I'm gone

    • Albums: Heard It in a Past Life
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    Dog Years

    Video: YouTube

    Come what may
    I'll still stay inside your mind
    For all of time
    Singing, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    We will be alright in the afterlife

    • Albums: Now That the Light Is Fading
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