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The Best Storylines That Feature Magneto  

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In all of comic book history, you would be challenged to find a villain as well-established and detailed as Magneto. Ever since his debut in The X-Men #1 back in 1963, he's gone from one of the X-Men's greatest villains to become a villain on the world stage, an anti-hero, a world leader, a renegade, and everything else in-between.

Magneto stands as one of the greatest villains ever conceived in the medium, and over the years, he's appeared in tons of great stories, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, story arcs, storylines, and one-shot books, but it can be hard to determine which is the best Magneto story ever told.

This list attempts to do the impossible by ranking the 20 greatest Magneto storylines and adventures in comics as ranked by you, the reader! Make sure to scroll down and find your favorite of Magneto's stories and vote them up to see which one rises to the top!

The Trial of Magneto is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Storylines That Feature Magneto
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The Trial of Magneto

Story Found In: Uncanny X-Men #200

In The Uncanny X-Men's bicentennial issue, Magneto is on trial while a group of terrorists are carrying out attacks in the name of the X-Men. While the trial is underway, the team tries to discover who the real perpetrators are, but it turns out that the terrorist acts were merely a distraction so the Von Strucker twins could attack the court and take vengeance against the Master of Magnetism.

This puts everyone in jeopardy, but Magneto works to save everyone, including Charles Xavier. He manages to save his old friend, but he "dies" in the act. Before he did, he asked Magneto to take over his school and teach his students while adhering to his principles. Magneto agrees and cries for his friend. This book launched a new chapter in the X-Men's lives, but also for Magneto, and it's one of the greatest X-Men/Magneto stories ever told.

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Planet X is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Storylines That Feature Magneto
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Planet X

Story Found In: New X-Men #146-150

To the world, Magneto was dead, but he was merely in disguise the whole time, and worst of all, he managed to infiltrate the ranks of the X-Men! In "Planet X," Magneto has set himself up as Xorn, one of the X-Men's most trusted members, and he did it with the help of the Chinese.

This story showed just how clever Magneto could be when it came to putting a plan into action. He managed to do something nobody would have ever thought possible seeing as he is the X-Men's oldest enemy, but that didn't stop him from throwing on a disguise, joining forces with the X-Men, and then revealing his true identity when the time was right!

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Magneto In The Savage Land is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Storylines That Feature Magneto
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Magneto In The Savage Land

Story Found In: Uncanny X-Men #274

Not only does "Magneto In The Savage Land" feature an iconic cover by artist Jim Lee, but the book also details one of the most interesting Magneto stories to come out of the mind of Chris Claremont, which is saying something.

The story kicks off in the Savage Land as Zaladane has emplaced six towers, which sync with the Earth's magnetic field. The effects of this are felt far and wide across the planet, and you know the Master of Magnetism is going to have something to say about it. 

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A Fire In The Night is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Storylines That Feature Magneto
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A Fire In The Night

Story Found In: Classic X-Men #12

Classic X-Men #12 is a reprint from X-Men #104, but redrawn and updated from the original story titled "The Gentleman's Name is Magneto." In the story, the X-Men make their way to Muir Island where they discover Charles Xavier's "housekeeper" Moira MacTaggert to be the island's owner and operator.

They are soon thrown from the docks by a massive bolt of magnetic energy, and before they can react, the whole island is blanketed in a magnetic force field by you know who. Magneto was previously turned into a child and kept on the island, but after being returned to normal, he went after his foes in a big way. This is a great tale retold in a new way, and one of the best classic X-Men stories ever told.

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