What Expensive Makeup Products Are Worth Splurging On?

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Following beauty trends can be an expensive hobby. There are definitely ways to find beauty hacks and cheap dupes of cult favorite foundations and concealers, but not all of them are worth the hassle. Some makeup hacks aren't even safe. No wonder cosmetic brands are able to put out extremely pricey items and still make a killer profit. Their ingredients tend to be more natural, their packaging tends to be more appealing, and sometimes their product really is just that much better.

The pigmentation, scent, and feel of higher-end makeup are usually noticeably different. Oftentimes, makeup junkies can mix and match their expensive products with the cheaper ones and still create a flawless face, but they've got to know which flashy items are worth the coin. Not all high-end products are created equally. 

Keep reading to find out which tried and true makeup items are fan favorites. You won't find them in your local drugstore, but after hours of long-wear and constant compliments you won't regret the splurge.

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