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The Best Malcolm in the Middle Characters

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Do you have a favorite character from the classic Fox comedy Malcolm in the Middle? It's hard to pick the best Malcolm in the Middle character, because frankly there are so many good ones. From main characters like Dewey and Hal to side characters like Stevie and Craig, let's rank the funniest characters from Malcolm in the Middle, with the help of your votes.

Did you know Malcolm's last name is Wilkerson? It's only revealed twice throughout the show, so don't blame yourself if you missed it. There isn't a single member in Malcolm's family that isn't funny - take his frightening mother Lois for example, or his troublesome older brother Reese. Some great side characters in Malcolm in the Middle help make the series memorable as well, including Eric Hansen, Otto, and Lloyd.

Use your votes below to let us know who the funniest character from Malcolm in the Middle is! If a character is missing for some reason, feel free to add them to the list.

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