The Best Actors Under 25 In 2023

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Vote up the most successful actors who are 24 years old or younger in 2023.

Child actors grow up so quickly! Jacob Tremblay certainly looks a lot different than when he first gained acclaim starring in Room, and you’ll see some of your favorite Stranger Things actors below, as they are all in their 20s now. Which of these up-and-coming stars do you think is the best male actor under 25 in 2023?

Below you’ll see stars from hit series such as Teen Wolf, Gotham, and Young Sheldon. There are also plenty of film stars that you will recognize, such as Jack Dylan Grazer of the IT films, and Roman Griffin Davis of Silent Night and JoJo Rabbit. Some of these celebrities are still teens making their way in the industry, while others are entering adulthood. But either way, the talented stars below are all under 25.

Check out the impressive young performers below, and be sure to vote up your favorites!

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