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The 20 Best Male Anime Characters of 2018

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Across genres, there have been plenty of amazing new male anime characters in 2018, but who are the ones that truly stand out? Which characters will stand the test of time and enter the annals of anime history when the year is over?

Which characters qualify as the best male anime characters of 2018 depends on your personal preference. If you like sweet, soft boys who love helping people, you probably have a major soft spot for Sora Kashiwagi of How To Keep A Mummy. If you liked your anime guys hardened but still capable of genuine emotion, you might be fond of Ash Lynx from Banana Fish. If you 'd rather watch someone who can handily defeat his enemies and never gives up on his singular goal, Goblin Slayer might be the character who stays with you. 

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    Isaac Foster - Angels Of Death

    Photo: J.C. Staff

    Isaac Foster is far from a great person - he's actually a vicious serial killer. Still, he's an intriguing character who serves as the floor master of B-6, the place where Rachel Gardner finds herself trapped.

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    Ash Lynx - Banana Fish

    Photo: MAPPA

    Ash Lynx is a hardened gang member with one goal in mind - to find out the mysteries behind the Banana Fish, a mysterious substance that made his brother lose his mind while he was a soldier. To get there, he must contend with gang warfare, his own abuse-filled past, and the possibility of new love.

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    Sakuta Azusagawa - Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

    Photo: CloverWorks

    Sakuta Azusagawa is the only person who can see Mai, a celebrity on a break. He also may be the only person who can solve the mystery behind Adolescent Syndrome.

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    White Blood Cell - Cells At Work

    White Blood Cell works tirelessly to defend the body he lives in from invading pathogens. When he's not wrecking havoc on germ kind, he can be found helping Red Blood Cell figure out directions when she's lost. 

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