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The Best Male TV Characters In 2019

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The Golden Age of Television is not only bringing small screen audiences some of the most innovative and entertaining programs ever, it’s also bringing spectators some of the best male TV characters of all time.

Patriarchs, police detectives, and teenagers are no longer held hostage by the standard tropes of their macho predecessors - the Me Too movement has finally made its way to television, and it’s giving us some of the most well-rounded male characters in 2019.

Sure, none of these characters are perfect. But perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they're so relatable. The best male TV characters need to be three-dimensional. No one in real life is all good or all bad; we live in shades of grey and only hope that we’re making the right decisions. We’re only now comfortable rooting for a lawyer whose practice skirts around legal technicalities, or a good dude who just happens to be a weed dealer.

Who are the best male characters in 2019? Put these men up to the test by voting up your current favorites. And if your personal favorite male character is missing, add them to the list!

  • John Diggle26
  • Quentin Coldwater27

    Quentin Coldwater

    The Magicians

    Jason Ralph


  • Reggie Green28

    Reggie Green

    Dear White People

    Marque Richardson


  • Darryl Whitefeather29

    Darryl Whitefeather

    My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Pete Gardner


  • Jim Brockmire30

    Jim Brockmire


    Hank Azaria