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List of the best male figure skaters in the world. While there have been many greats in mens’ figure skating, this list contains only the best who are active in the sport now, those great male skaters who are building a legacy for the next generation of skaters. From Olympic champions to those who’ve only competed on the junior level so far, they’re all here — the best in the sport, the ones figure skaters and fans of every age are tuning in to watch.

While many of the best mens’ figure skaters are known for their Olympic medals, a few are still out to prove that they’re good enough for Olympic gold. Two prime examples are Javier Fernandez and Florent Amodio; although both have competed in the Olympics, both have yet to medal. The two great figure skaters were selected to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Perhaps 2014 will be the year for one of them?

Of course, being an amazing mens’ figure skater doesn’t automatically mean an Olympic spot. Who can easily forget Maxim Kovtun, the Russian national champion for 2014, being passed over in favor of Evgeni Plushenko? Although Plushenko has been an amazing figure skater throughout his career, some have noted that he’s been put under strain by injury. Both men are great skaters; no one can predict how many Olympic medals they will finish their careers with.

This list contains the best figure skaters who are currently competing in sport. Some have gone through hardship or injury, while others have easily won the competitions they’ve been assigned, but all have one trait in common — perseverance. For the foreseeable future, these are the male figure skaters to watch, and they’ve all earned the title of ‘best.’
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Yuzuru Hanyu

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Yuzuru Hanyu has been not only the Japanese national champion twice (2013, 2014) but also the World Junior champion once (2010).

Age: 24

Nationality: Japan

Birthplace: Sendai, Japan

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Javier Fernández

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Javier Fernandez holds the distinction of being the first Spanish skater to earn a medal at three of figure skating’s most prestigious events: the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, the European Figure Skating Championships, and the World Figure Skating Championships.

Age: 27

Nationality: Spain

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

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Evgeni Plushenko

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Evgeni Plushenko has medaled in most of the top events in figure skating, including the Olympics, the World Figure Skating Championships, the European Figure Skating Championships, the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, and the Russian Figure Skating Championships.

Age: 36

Nationality: Russia

Birthplace: Solnechny District

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Daisuke Takahashi

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Daisuke Takahashi, a Japanese skater, is known for being the first Asian skater to have earned the gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championships — he earned this distinction in 2010.

Age: 32

Nationality: Japan

Birthplace: Kurashiki, Japan

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