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The Best Male Pop Singers Of 2019, Ranked

Updated January 21, 2020 259.8k views24 items

List RulesOnly male solo artists releasing new music in 2019. No boy bands.

Updated: check out our list of the best male pop singers of 2020!

Here are the best male pop singers of 2019, ranked by fans everywhere. Only including artists releasing new music, this list of current male pop singers features young, rising stars, like Lauv and Bazzi, as well as famous singers, like Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, and Sam Smith. It doesn't matter whether your submissions are American, British, or hailing from anywhere else in the world. The important thing is that these guys are among the most talented pop vocalists today. Who are the top male pop solo artists of 2019?

Vote up the best men of pop in 2019, and add any popular artists missing from the list.

  • 1
    Shawn Peter Raul Mendes (born August 8, 1998) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He gained a...  more

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  • 2
    Edward Christopher Sheeran, (; born 17 February 1991) is an English singer, songwriter,...  more

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  • 3
    Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), known professionally as Bruno Mars, is an...  more

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  • 4
    Charles Otto Puth Jr. (born December 2, 1991) is an American singer, songwriter and record...  more

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  • 5
    Samuel Frederick Smith (born 19 May 1992) is an English singer and songwriter. They rose to...  more

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  • 6
    Brendon Boyd Urie (born April 12, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, best...  more

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  • 7
    Khalid Donnel Robinson (born February 11, 1998), known mononymously as Khalid, is an American...  more

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  • 8
    Austin Richard Post (born July 4, 1995), known professionally as Post Malone, is an American...  more

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  • 9
    Lewis Capaldi (born October 7, 1996) is a Scottish singer and songwriter originating from...  more
  • 10
    Zain Javadd "Zayn" Malik is an English singer and songwriter, and a previous member of the boy...  more

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  • 11
    John Roger Stephens (born December 28, 1978), known professionally as John Legend, is an...  more

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  • 12
    Adam Noah Levine (born March 18, 1979) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is the...  more

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  • 13
    Niall James Horan (born September 13, 1993) is an Irish singer and songwriter. He rose to...  more

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  • 14
    Alec Benjamin (born May 28, 1994) is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He...  more

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  • 15
    Troye Sivan Mellet (born 5 June 1995) is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter,...  more

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  • 16
    Ari Staprans Leff (born August 8, 1994), known by his stage name Lauv, is an American singer,...  more

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  • 17
    Andrew Bazzi (born August 28, 1997), known professionally as Bazzi, is an American...  more

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  • 18
    Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known as Hozier (born March 17, 1990), is an Irish musician and...  more

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  • 19
    Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, (born June 7, 1995), better known by his stage name Swae Lee,...  more

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  • 20
    Tom Walker (born 17 December 1991) is a singer-songwriter who was born in Scotland and grew up...  more
  • 21
    Conor Paul Maynard is an English singer-songwriter and child actor from Brighton & Hove who is...  more

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  • 22
    Logan Phillip Henderson (born September 14, 1989) is an American actor and singer. He played...  more
  • 23
    Daniel Coulter "Dan" Reynolds is an American musician, best known as the frontman of the Las...  more

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  • 24
    Stan Walker (born 23 October 1990) is an Australian-born New Zealand recording artist, actor,...  more