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The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the 2000s

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The best 2000s stand up comedians range from blue collar humor to just straight blue humor to intellectually stimulating one-liners. Whether you are a fan of Lewis Black or Louis C.K., the 2000s were big years in comedy. With standup specials from Katt Williams and Patton Oswalt, who are two of the best 2000s comedians of all time, the decade was chock full of laughs. A list of the funniest 2000s stand up comedians cannot be complete without Dane Cook, who shattered records in 2006 with comedy album sales. The funniest 2000s comedians also include Gabriel Inglesias and Mike Birbiglia, both of whom got a lot of love from Comedy Central during that era.  “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross also made his name known, solidifying his status as one of the best 2000s male comedians, after the Comedy Central Roasts

This list of the top 2000s comedians will remind you of your favorite professional jokesters from the time period. D.L. Hughley made himself known as one of the top 2000s stand up comedians while Brad Garrett, fresh off of Everybody Loves Raymond, made the stand up club circuit his domain and became one of the best male comedians of the 2000s. He even has a stand up club currently in Hollywood, where some of his fellow best 2000s male comedians perform. Comics like Nick DiPaolo and Kevin Hart can be seen doing stand-up in LA today, as their audiences all recall how they became some of the best male comedians of the 2000s. Vote up your favorite of the funniest 2000s male comedians, ranging from Daniel Tosh to Zach Galifianakis. The funniest male comedians of the 2000s and great 2000s comedians are not just known for the years 2000-2009; these men are still famous funnymen whose status as some of the great 2000s male comedians did not dissipate in the 2010s.

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