The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the 2010s

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The best 2010s stand up comedians are ranked on this list for your comedic pleasure. Who is your favorite male comic who defined the twenty-teens? Some of these comics became so beloved that they garnered their own TV shows, like Bo Burnham on MTV, Aziz Ansari on Netflix, Anthony Jeselnik on Comedy Central, and John Mulaney on Fox. The best 2010s comedians are not necessarily the ones that major networks decided were the funniest 2010s comedians, but Netflix specials are often a good indicator -- which is part of why Bill Burr has an undeniable spot on this list. 

The funniest 2010s stand up comedians range from alt comedy icons to sitcom superstars. Whether it is Pete Holmes or his buddy Kumail Nanjiani, the funniest 2010s comedians have a unique range of styles and comedic perspective. A list of the top 2010s comedians must also includes Britain's John Oliver, whose success in the 2010s led to his own HBO series, which has become a major late night talk show success story. 

The top 2010s stand up comedians and best 2010s stand ups are a specific crew of gentlemen who have used the 21st century mediums to their advantages while maintaining their old fashioned respect for classic humor. The best male comedians of the 2010s are podcast stars like Doug Benson and nightclub hits like Myq Kaplan. Hannibal Buress might have come to America's attention for his Bill Cosby reference, but Buress had already been one of the best 2010s male comedians for years. Who are the funniest 2010s male comedians? The funniest male comedians of the 2010s are the hysterical comics listed here. Great 2010s comedians, specifically great 2010s male comedians, are the stand-up comedy all-stars of TV, film, and the world wide web. 
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