The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the '70s

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The best 70s comedians range from Richard Lewis to Richard Pryor, from David Letterman to David Brenner, and from Bob Newhart to Bob Hope. A list of game-changing comics of the decade must also includes men like Albert Brooks and Redd Foxx, who were two of the best male comedians of the 70s. Andy Kaufman, quite obviously, is a legendary funnyman that rose to prominence in the 1970s. He has to be considered one of the funniest 70s stand up comedians because he redefined humor with his odd, oftentimes unsettling, stage act.

Another recognizable name on this list is George Carlin, whose stand up comedy was so influential that it led to a famous court case about obscenity and the First Amendment. These great comedians of the decade, like Dave Allen and Flip Wilson, were inspired by 1960s humor but they largely forged their own path and paved the way for everyone else. 

In fact, Bill Maher once explained that his generation of comics spawned from the standup of Robert Klein, who is not only one of the best 70s male comedians, but one of the greatest comics of all time. A list of the top 70s stand up comedians must also include Jerry Seinfeld, who was truly in his onstage prime. The comedians on this list range from old school comics like George Burns to future talk show legend Jay Leno.  The elephant in the room here is Bill Cosby. Likely one of the best comedians of that era. Before growing infamous in the 2010s, Cosby was a standup sensation in the 1970s. His personal life aside, he must be included in this list for it to be accurate. This list of great 70s comedians — not including the women but rather the great 70s male comedians — is full of legendary comics. Be sure to vote up who you think deserves the top spot!

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