The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the '80s

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These men are some of the best 80s comedians, all of whom were inspired by the 1970s generation of comics, but made stand up comedy their own. The funniest 80s stand up comedians were in their prime during this decade, but much of their success lasted several decades (and TV shows later).

For instance, before he was a 1990s movie star, Robin Williams was known for being one of the best male comedians of the 80s. From the Comedy Store stages in Los Angeles to the Mork and Mindy soundstage on television, Williams’ reputation as one of the best 80s stand up comedians is what led to his meteoric rise to fame. Robin Williams is one of the funniest 80s comedians to stay famous forever, and the rest of the people on this list of the top 80s comedians will also be a nostalgic trip down comedy lane. Rowan Atkinson is another of the famous 1980s comedians.

Many of the top 80s stand up comedians came from the city of Boston, including Lenny Clarke and Denis Leary. But a list of the best 80s stand ups — or in this case, the best 80s male comedians — would be incomplete without famed jokesters Rodney Dangerfield and Eddie Murphy. It was during this time that Dangerfield became known, not only as one of the funniest 80s male comedians, but also as a legend. Meanwhile, Murphy’s stand up specials solidified him as one of the funniest male comedians of the 80s. Check out this list of great 80s comedians, and specifically great 80s male comedians, like Sam Kinison and Billy Crystal.

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