The Best Male Stand Up Comedians of the '90s

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The best 90s stand up comedians are listed here and ready for you to vote up. So who are the funniest 90s stand up comedians? Comedy fans and average civilians alike will all recall the glory days of guys like Martin Lawrence, Drew Carey, and Sinbad. Even though comics like them are still famous in the 2010s, these names are highly associated with the 1990s. Paul Rodriguez and Norm Macdonald were totally in their prime, making them two of the funniest 90s stand up comedians and just great 90s comedians in general. So who do you think are the top 90s comedians — specifically great 90s male comedians? Vote up the funniest male comedians of the 90s who most tickled your funny bone.

Two of the funniest 90s comedians are comics Chris Rock and Ray Romano, both of whom got so popular as 90s club comics that the TV gods granted them their own television shows. The same can be said for Jon Stewart, whose standup resulted in two separate television series with his name on it: MTV’s The Jon Stewart Show and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The top 90s stand up comedians are a diverse crew, as Dave Chappelle and Kevin James all came to prominence at the time. Any list of the best 90s stand ups, specifically the best male comeidans of the 1990s, would be incomplete without Adam Sandler. Sandler is known as one of the best male comedians of the 90s because he sold out stadiums with his combination of stand up and musical comedy. These funnymen were in their prime in the 1990s, making them worthy of not only being called “the best 90s male comedians” but also “the best 90s comedians” in general.

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