The Best Characters On 'The Mandalorian'

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For many, one of the main reasons to get Disney+ is to watch The Mandalorian. Disney’s latest original series has proved to be an instant hit, providing a unique story set deep within the Star Wars universe. Part of the reason for the show's success comes down to the incredible characters they've developed. For this list, we're running through the best (and worst) characters on The Mandalorian

Which character is your favorite? The show’s titular character has proven to be an intriguing bounty hunter who seems rough at first but then develops a soft spot for an infant creature of Yoda's species. Of course, Baby Yoda has also become an internet favorite, and many people seem to watch the show just to see the little guy. 

While The Mandalorian cast puts their all into every episode, some characters might be more noteworthy than overs. Vote up all your favorite characters from The Mandalorian to see who - or what - tops the list. When you're finished, you can find even more great characters to root for on other shows like The Mandalorian.