15 Manly Candle Scents That Are Sure To Channel Your Inner Lumberjack

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When most people think of the manliest things in the world, a nice scented candle usually isn't on the top of the list. Still, men have a sense of smell, just like everyone else, and there's no reason a guy can't put on some relaxing music, fire up a badass candle, and get his relax on. To this end, there are tons of manly scented candles that aren't only marketed for men, they're designed and engineered specifically for their interests.

From the classic smell of bacon in the morning to those quintessential man cave scents and more, these 15 candles are some of the manliest on the market. If you see a manly candle (or MANdle, as they're often called) that looks like it'll make a great addition to your basement, or bathroom, or bedroom, or whichever room you want to smell like a man of good taste, go ahead and vote that baby up so readers can see which of these supremely manly scents are the manliest of all.

  • For the manly man who loves: Puffing on the perfect cigar on a crisp autumn evening.

    Price: $22

    There's something about the smell of a good cigar or pipe that even non-smoking men love, and it's all captured in Scentsational No. 07! This candle mixes the aromas of smooth Madagascar vanilla with a rich tobacco blend. Even if you don't smoke and hate the smell of cigarettes, this candle's assortment of odors will appeal to just about every guy who lights the wick.

    6 votes
  • For the manly man who loves: That classic smell of bergamot and oakmoss. (Trust us, it's a thing.)

    Price: $20

    If there's a universal truth about guys, it's that they need to have a place to call their own. When they're married, it's a Man Cave, and when they're single, it's the bachelor pad. Now, every bachelor pad smells a bit different, but they don't have to! Now you can enjoy the intensely familiar and suave stench of what a bachelor pad should smell like! This candle from Manly Indulgence has "the scent of spicy bergamot combines with earthy oakmoss and a hint of geranium to perfectly embody the cultured man who lives his life on his own terms."

    6 votes
  • For the manly man who loves: The sweet smell of success. And sandalwood, but mostly success.

    Price: $21

    Urban Sundry is all about bringing the manliest of scents into the office, boardroom, and man cave. To that end, the company has masterfully crafted "The Suit," which incorporates a killer blend of vetiver, coriander, sandalwood, tobacco, and cedar, otherwise known as the manliest scents in all of nature! This killer candle is guaranteed to burn for 50 hours, so they last long AND they smell amazing. It's a win-win.

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  • For the manly man who loves: The smell of a warm, crackling fire pit.

    Price: $17

    If you've ever wondered what kind of scents tend to attract men, look no further than Craft & Kin's "wood." These candles don't simply smell of a lovely cedar aroma that fills the nostrils with hints of woodsy rustic overtones; it looks like wood as well. The elegant label, the 100% cotton wick, and the heavenly cedar all come together to offer up the perfect man's man kind of candle any gentleman would be proud to display and burn.

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  • For the manly man who loves: All those drafty backyard bonfires.

    Price: $12

    For whatever reason, men enjoy the smell of burning wood, and that's exactly what this Chesapeake Bay Candle hopes to remind all the men out there with its driftwood and amber candle! The scents may not sound manly, but when you light the two wicks on one of these bad boys, you can expect to relax with your bros while hanging out in your Man Cave.

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  • For the manly man who loves: Cheap cigars and expensive leather.

    Price: $28

    If there's one company that clearly understands the scents that make men stop and take notice, it's Candle Theory. That company has engineered three scents marketed towards the more manly candle aficionados, and you have to admit, they know men. These three candles offer up scents of Cuban cigar, Spanish leather, and crackling hearth. Now, it's not entirely necessary to light all three and position them around a room for maximum manly musk, but it's not discouraged either...

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