8 Manscaping Products Empowering Men To Groom Below The Waist

If you're one of over 70% of men who have reportedly taken to manscaping recently, then rest assured you've found yourself in good hands. Here are the best manscaping products available now on Manscaped.com that will have your frank-n-beans looking, feeling, and even smelling their best. Even if you're an already-experienced "manscaper," these male grooming products can make trimming the hedges easier and smoother (pun intended).

If you're looking for a one-stop full manscaping kit, The Perfect Package 2.0 is the way to go. Luckily for you, Manscaped is offering 20% off your entire order and free shipping when you enter code RANKER20 on their website. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it now risk-free. 

  • The Perfect Package 2.0
    Photo: Manscaped

    The Perfect Package 2.0

    Get the perfect package for keeping your package perfect with this handy kit from Manscaped. Included with a free travel bag, the kit consists of a waterproof trimmer (The Lawn Mower 2.0), a safety razor (The Plow), anti-chafing deodorant (Crop Preserver), toner (Crop Reviver), and disposable shaving mats (Magic Mat). Keep reading for more detailed descriptions on each of the products. 

  • The Lawn Mower 2.0
    Photo: Manscaped

    The Lawn Mower 2.0

    Let's face it, no man wants to head into a delicate manscaping situation with just any electric trimmer. That's why the guys at Manscaped perfected this trimming masterpiece. Powered by a strong but quiet 6,000 RPM motor, The Lawn Mower 2.0 can trim through the worst your nether regions have to offer. It's also equipped with SkinSafe Technology to prevent nicks or snags in the most unfortunate places, in addition to the QuietStroke Technology to ensure a quiet, relaxing trim. You can even use it in the shower since it's waterproof. 

  • Crop Preserver
    Photo: Manscaped

    Crop Preserver

    If you put deodorant on your armpits, shouldn't you put deodorant "down there?" The Crop Preserver from Manscaped is a 24-hour moisturizing deodorant that's residue-free and features Active pH Control™. The quick-absorbing gel talcum formulation protects your "jewels" from bacteria and from dryness, keeping them refreshed all day long. 

  • Crop Reviver
    Photo: Manscaped

    Crop Reviver

    Whether you've just finished manscaping or need that spritz of freshness, Manscaped's Crop Reviver is essential for every guy. Reduce inflammation and irritation with this spray-on body toner and refresher. Just a couple spritzes will have your happy area feeling fresh, and with Manscaped's signature scent, you'll also smell really good downstairs. 

  • The Magic Mat
    Photo: Manscaped

    The Magic Mat

    There's nothing worse than worrying about whether evidence of your manscapades still lurks on your bathroom floor. Don't let it happen to you with these handy floor mats from Manscaped. These easily disposable mats also feature manscaping tips and tricks, so you can learn something new while grooming yourself.  

  • The Plow
    Photo: Manscaped

    The Plow

    After using The Lawn Mower 2.0, take the time to smooth things out with The Plow. Manscaped's safety razor is built with a single blade design that helps reduce razor burn and irritation. Designed with "your big boys'" safety in mind, it's forged only from the highest quality, rust-proof stainless steel and crafted specifically for easy maneuverability.