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The Very Best Mariachi Songs

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The best mariachi songs capture the spirit of Mexico. Mariachi is one of the oldest forms of popular music, dating back to the 19th century. It originated in Western Mexico, though its roots may date back to the 1500s. This mariachi songs list includes some of the most well-known, famous mariachi songs performed by some of the world’s most talented mariachi ensembles.

If you’ve ever vacationed in Mexico, or just enjoyed a local Cinco de Mayo festival, you’ve no doubt danced and sang along with a good mariachi band. The music itself begs you to move. Mariachi celebrates Mexican pride, and the lyrics cover all manner of topics, from love, to anger and despair, to sheer joy. But did you ever think, “Hey I wish I could remember the name of that song the mariachi band played last night?” In that case, this list of popular mariachi songs might prove helpful. If you’re putting together a playlist, this is a great way to find all the mariachi song names.

From “Cielito Lindo” to “Guantanamera” to “Mexico Lindo Y Querido” and “Cuando, Cuando, Cuando,” enjoy this list of top mariachi songs. Watch the videos (and sing along – no one is judging here) and then vote for all your favorites.