Ranking Every Item in the Mario Kart Games

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Which items are you happiest to get from item boxes on any track? Mario Kart is one of those classics that has been around since NES, and continues to get amazing upgrades with each new Nintendo console, upgrades that include adorable and devastating weapons. Years ago, your dad was probably taking the lead away from Bowser by knocking him out with a red shell - now, you're stunning nieces, nephews, and other whippersnappers with Boomerang Flowers and Super Horns. Luckily, some items have remained steadfast, while other less popular ones got canned with each new iteration.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of all the items you can get in Mario Kart, then either mourn the lost ones or celebrate the new ones. Rank your favorite item in the Mario Kart franchise, whether it's from Mario Kart 64, Double Dash, or any other iteration of the finest racing series in Nintendo's stable. But don't ever challenge me to a game. Seriously. I will beat you with the horrifying swiftness and terrible grace of a blue shell late in the third lap.

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  • Bullet Bill
    641 votes

    Bullet Bill

  • Star
    589 votes


  • Triple Red Shell
    585 votes

    Triple Red Shell

  • Golden Mushroom
    529 votes

    Golden Mushroom

  • Mega Mushroom
    534 votes

    Mega Mushroom

  • Triple Mushroom
    504 votes

    Triple Mushroom