The Best Martial Arts Movies for Kids

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Is there anything more fun than watching two martial arts masters at the top of their game? Everybody loves them, but it can be hard to find a list of appropriate martial arts movies for kids.

Many kung-fu movies are overly violent or might teach kids the wrong lessons, but the good Karate films for young kids teach the honor, discipline, and respect that is at the core of most martial arts. Not only are the movies fun, but martial arts is a rewarding and valuable practice for young kids, with some studies even linking it to improvements in children with learning and attention issues. If your kids are interested in martial arts, then these are the kids karate movies to watch, like 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up.

So if you've ever asked yourself, what ninja films can kids watch? Look to the list below for answers to this and similar questions. From old live-action classics like the Karate Kid and 3 Ninjas, to newer animated movies like the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, there's a wide variety to choose from. So vote up the best kung-fu films for children, add any items you don't see, and everybody start kung-fu fighting!

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