The Best Martial Arts Movies Streaming On Netflix

Are you ready for fists of fury? Here are the best martial arts movies on Netflix, ranked by movie fans. This list of Netflix martial arts movies includes everything from kung fu to karate to tai chi and incredible mixed martial arts experts like Donnie Yen. Whether they're classic kung fu films or modern karate movies, these films are full of action, honor, training sequences, and top-notch fight sequences full of rapid-fire dragon punches and unstoppable crane kicks. You will no doubt find other great movies like IP Man on Netflix. This list will tell you which ones are the most worth watching.

The best fighting movies on Netflix have some of the best action anyone can want. But which of these martial arts movies streaming on Netflix do you think are the best? Find your favorites, vote them up so other fans know what to watch next. You can also check back as new kung fu and fighting movies get added to the list.

Photo: Ip Man / Mandarin Films
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